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hair loss solution

Man with receding front hairline, full-scale or partial baldness and heavy hair loss would often use different ways to cover this embarrassment, and at the same time look for another long-term and effective fix. Toupee gives new hope to them.Chinese traceless and seamless toupee is based on the original hair and uses delicate toupee technology to fix new hairs on the original root instead of into the scalp.

This method uses no medicine and causes no trauma as it fits in with your own hair completely.in a short time, a new personal image is created without doing any harm to your skin or hair, truly seamless and effective.

most surprising hair transformation

The following video was shot after mr. tang limin went through hair restoration treatment, 100% real video without any visual treatment.

TFC traceless wig: it is the next generation non-surgical implantable hair restoration technology. by implanting, one by one, new hair with your own, alopecia, thin hair, failed medicinal treatment or hair follicle transplantation can be solved professionally.

All pictures of this case are real pictures after hair restoration, without any retouch.

The founder of tfc, mr. tang limin, had alopecia; let’s see his personal contact with tfc hair restoration

By comparison, we find that our wig can be truly seamless

TFC has been working for 20 years to provide the beloved hairstyles for clients with alopecia. It is known that many men clients have a deep love for crew cut, which looks clean, fresh and energetic. But crew cut is a hairstyle hard to control technologically since with a crew cut you will have short hair, which is close to the scalp and stands upright.Traditional hair restoration product and technology on the market are not able to solve this problem. However,

TFC can give a hair restoration solution to such a difficult crew cut. The hair restoration looks very natural. TFC is also able to do the slicked back style with front hairline, making it as nearly same as your own hair. TFC promises natural and real effect without any traces if in close watch.


Hair Restoration

100% human hair

Pursuit of fashion and beauty is the dream deeply desired by every woman when they are in the happiest time, like going out on a date with the one they love, having a romantic dinner, celebrating festivals and getting married
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