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Since 1998, we have been providing professional hair problem solutions for trend followers who suffer from alopecia and hair loss, and beloved hairstyles for men, for example: crew cut is a hard hairstyle to control technologically since with a crew cut you have short hair, which is close to the scalp and stands upright.

But, TFC can make it based on the fact that it has kept improving the technique of hair restoration over the past 20 years. many women also suffer from thin hair or alopecia. no matter what it is, it results in a less perfect personal image.

If hair problem gets worse, the hair could get too thin to cover the scalp and this would cause loss of confidence, low self-esteem or other psychological distresses. now, we can customize high-end 100% human hair wig for you, help you get rid of hair loss and find back confidence with trendy look.

We have been recognized and trusted by a great number of clients with “ease of use, professional, comfortable and natural” products and considerate services. we have served more than 200 thousand clients from japan, korea, u.s., uk, german, canada, nigeria and others for the past 20 years.

TFC is a technology practitioner and disseminator in this business. over 300 employees are making efforts for innovation and better services. the founder, mr. tang limin, himself suffered from alopecia. behind every tech innovation, he tried out the experiment himself for many times. “uncomfortable, not good here, softer please…”

He wants more people with alopecia to have a personal contact with and enjoy high-end wig service. he said that the service should not be restricted among the high-end clients, such as celebrities, company executives and major politicians;instead, it should be popularized among the common people and alopecia should be a less embarrassing problem in front of the public.

No matter you need full-scale or partial hair restoration, we hope that your decision could be a personal choice instead of helpless compromise. it is you who can make the right choice to become more confidant and calm.

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